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The following books, papers, and other goodies contain at least a few words written by Bill Pribyl, chief bottle washer at DataCraft.

"Oracle PL/SQL Language Pocket Reference" front cover
Oracle PL/SQL Language Pocket Reference, a small 150-page book covering the syntax and essential concepts of PL/SQL, updated for Oracle Database 10g (April 2004).
"Oracle PL/SQL Programming" front cover
Oracle PL/SQL Programming, Third Edition, still the standard by which other PL/SQL books are measured. Now updated for Oracle9i (September 2002)!
"Learning Oracle PL/SQL" front cover
Learning Oracle PL/SQL, the book on PL/SQL that beginners have been waiting for. Some of them, anyway.
"Oracle PL/SQL CD Bookshelf" front cover
The Oracle PL/SQL CD Bookshelf, an electronic collection of all your favorite books on PL/SQL, other than Learning Oracle PL/SQL.
Here's a tip about the migration and preservation of Oracle OIDs:   What happens to an Oracle8 row object's identifier (OID) when you move the object to another machine? .
Here's an example of rebuilding Oracle8 object types on which there exist hard dependencies. How can I rebuild an Oracle8 object type if it has table dependencies?
New to Oracle's "object types"?  Read this paper from Oracle Open World 1997:  "Making Sense of Objects in PL/SQL 8".
"Building Your First Oracle WebServer Application: A Tutorial". A February 1997 paper that discusses Oracle WebServer 2.0 which by now is ancient history.  For slides of the presentation (in PDF), click here.
comical cave man
Another paper from the dawn of time (Sept 1996): "Don't Rush the Upgrade: What to Do if You've Got Still Got Hundreds of SQL*Forms 3.0 Applications." Get the slides right here.


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