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Once upon a time, DataCraft, Inc. was a small consulting firm in Houston, Texas, specializing in Oracle PL/SQL and web application development. This page captures the last state of the DataCraft web site, mostly to benefit the nostalgic impulse of its creator. Also because laziness.

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Oracle PL/SQL Programming, Fourth Edition, released in August 2005, updated for Oracle Database 10g Release 2. The world's most popular book about PL/SQL. Okay, maybe not. Find it - read it - buy it.

The third edition of the Oracle PL/SQL Language Pocket Reference. For those times when you can't lug all those pounds of the big book. Find it - read it - buy it.

Learning Oracle PL/SQL is still one of the best beginner's books about PL/SQL. Find it - read it - buy it.

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RFID: sign of the (end) times?

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How Big a Slice of RFID Data?

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